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 Magnitude Personal Fitness Training 


The Benefits of Personal Fitness Training

Fitness in Harrisburg

Quote: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." Henry David Thoreau

Dumbbells for all ages

Older adults will improve their health & fitness with resistance training: 1. Increased flexibility. 2. Balance. 3. Walking ability 4. Improve daily tasks. 5. Functional performance such as rising from a chair and climbing stairs.

Running with my personal fitness training
Workout with me in Harrisburg with my fitness training

When you resistance train with me as your fitness trainer the benefits are: 1. Your clothes will fit better. 2. You'll keep your body young. 3. You'll burn more fat.  4. You'll get in shape faster

Fruit and vegetable for healthy eating
Get fit with weight training

Regular training is necessary to maintain results, however recent studies report that a few days rest, or a reduction in training will not negatively affect training performance----and may even enhance it. Note* This is especially true for highly trained athletes or very fit clients who train aggressively.

Help with your diet with my fitness training
Short workout to burn calories
push ups to make you strong
Eat healthy with my personal training
Clean eating with help you loose weight
Stretching is good after a workout

Stretching after a workout not only reduces muscle soreness but keeps you flexible.

Chess press for a strong and firm chest

The incline chest press will keep you firm and toned, along with building strength.

My personal training with help you with your diet
Never, ever, ever, give up!
Seize the day with my fitness training in Harrisburg.
Eat colorful fruits
It's never to late to get started with personal training.
Pull ups to get strong and fit

Strength training can stabilize and strengthen joint musculature, tendons, ligaments, and other supportive soft tissues.

Chest press for strength

The Barbell Bench Chest Press exercise targets the chest, shoulder, and triceps muscles. It enables the lifter to move heavier loads than with dumbbells.

Health and fitness with my training services
Cardio will burn calories

As your fitness trainer the goal of Aerobic training: To improve peak oxygen consumption and associated cardiovascular functions to support endurance performance.

Motivation with my personal training
Beach body for health and fitness

Quote: "Chance is the providence of adventures." Napoleon Bonaparte.  It's time to take that leap of faith and have me as your Harrisburg, Fitness Trainer.

Personal trainer in Harrisburg

As a Fitness Trainer, detraining and the psychology behind maintaining progress is by tracking a clients progress and empowering them with knowledge!

Motivation quotes with fitness training
Resistance training to get lean

Feeling strong is SEXY!

Motivation to keep you going
Cardio is good for your heart muscle
Nut are a good source of protein
Colorful fruits are healthy
Food groups to lose weight
Fitness training in Harrisburg
Motivation tips to keep you going
Keep going with my fitness training inHarrisburg
Eat fruit to be healthy and lose weight
Eat healthy and lose weight.
My quotes with motivate and inspire you
Yoga to keep you flexible and for balance.
You can do cardio at home

Cardiovascular exercise (cardio) can be done anywhere. I have a home treadmill. The point is that you do it! 

Special workout with my personal training

Some of the basic training adaptations are increased muscle strength, increased muscle power and muscle fiber size.

Fitness training in Harrisburg

Dumbbell One-Leg Calf Extension trains the ankle extensors and is more transferable to life demands than a machine.

Eat fruit for fitness
Squats for health and fitness
Eat healthy with my tips
Working triceps in Harrisburg

The positive side is that fitness gains may not be lost as quickly as most clients may think. NOTE* This is after getting in shape and if the client travels, gets sick, or needs some time off due to overtraining.

Weight loss quotes to motivate you in Harrisburg
Weight training to get fit
Women stay lean with weight training
Diet and exercise work
Vegetables keep you healthy
Rotational exercises will help your golf game

Rotational exercises can help you with Performance based activities and Sports.

Rotational exercises to help you with softball and sports
Calorie burning exercise
Fruit and vegetables to lose weight
Keep going, you can do it.
Nuts are a good source of protein