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June 19th, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

This comes as a Testimonial for Pamela Gilbert – Magnitude Fitness. I have had the pleasure of having Pamela as my personal trainer for nearly 2 years (2012-2014). During recent years I had to make major career changes and had gained over 80lbs of weight. I had made a decision to get back in shape and I need someone that could work with my hectic schedule and still produce results. That is exactly what Pamela did. She was extremely accommodating and was able to perfectly tailor and design productive workout sessions for my limited available time.

My first impression of Pamela was excellent. She took the time to make the first phone contact and was already very diligent to learn about my goals and have me starting working towards then steadily. She was very meticulous on her first assessment, paying very close attention to listening to my limitations and goals. Her approach was very professional and her physical appearance and fitness level spoke for itself, as an undeniable proof of a promissory for future success.

Pamela worked collaboratively with me during all the sessions, which also included evidences from literature, as well as, motivational quotations that she would constantly recite during my work-outs. Pamela’s dedication to her profession and clients are simply unremarkable. Her involvement and persuasive communication are sincere, as she aims not only the clients’ physical improvement, but also to achieve knowledge and a common goal. Her willingness to teach, train, and help is potentiated by her earnestly caring traits for her clients and the gym environment.

Pamela’s dedication to the profession is well known and if I could only attempt to define her I would chose the following words: Efficiency, Accountability, Creativity, Uniqueness, Loyalty, and Professionalism. Her excellent demeanor and energetic personality traits are also well observed by her co-workers and former clients.

Pamela has a pleasant, easy-going disposition, and she is also very savvy with the gym equipment, which makes her a valuable asset for any new comer. Her professionalism is a well-balanced blend of caring, competence, and experience. I eagerly give my endorsement to Ms. Pamela for her hard work in helping me achieve my fitness goals. Not only have I met my goals, but I believe that I have exceeded them, and a new appreciation for exercising has flourished. I thank you Pamela for my new healthy lifestyle.

Sincerely yours,

Altair DaSilva, MSN, RN


I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Pamela Gilbert, Personal Trainer, and owner of Magnitude Fitness. I have been training with Pamela for 18 months and I can’t say enough about how she has changed my quality of life, my health, strength and overall well-being!

I am a 47 year-old female, who has had Type 1 Diabetes for 35 years. I have always known that exercise is crucial to keeping my diabetes under control and helping to minimize the effects of this disease. Knowing this, however, I had never stayed with an exercise program, always losing interest, making excuses for not exercising and becoming frustrated with myself! Pamela changed that around from the very first day. She started by asking what goals I had for myself. My goals were to start an exercise program, to stick with an exercise program and to be able to manage my diabetes while exercising. I have met these goals and more!!!! With Pamela’s education, guidance, energy and support, I have been able to stay with my exercise program and to look forward to it! I have lost pant and dress sizes! I have gone from a 10-12 pant size to a 6-8 pant size! Wow!!! My clothing feels more comfortable and I can now get styles that never looked nice on me before. I see sculpting and definition in my muscles which I never thought I could have! I have received compliments about my fitness from friends, co-workers and family! I am frequently asked what am I doing to get in shape, and I tell them I have a personal trainer.

Pamela keeps all my sessions interesting and challenging. She educates me on why we are doing certain exercises and what benefit they have for my overall fitness, strength and flexibility. This is important to me. Pamela also is a strong motivator. She pushes me when I need it, but also cautions me if she feels I need to take a break! I look forward now to our workouts and miss them if I need to cancel for some reason. Pamela also goes out of her way to re-schedule so I can stay on track.

I now am certain that I can stay committed to an exercise program. Look forward to it and continue to improve my health and quality of life. I owe a lot to Pamela and thank her for the help and guidance she has given to me.

Suzanne B. Lynch